About Cubo Jewels

CUBO (English: cube) -  a basic three-dimensional shape, either solid or hollow, contained by six equal squares. A square is one of the most basic geometrical forms, a building block of the most amazing and complex forms in architecture, industrial design and visual arts.


Edging on the border of unusual, yet predictably graceful, minimalistic and sophisticated, come the transcending CUBO collections of contemporary luxury jewelry, inspired by both, the strong but simple geometric forms of the styles of the new millennium, as well as the colors and motifs of the early twentieth century visual artists. 


Nestled in the idea that design is not an afterthought, but the core essence of high quality jewelry, every CUBO piece is painstakingly designed to reflect the profound belief in artful interpretation of shape, form, texture and color. This faith in the importance of design, coupled with immaculate craftsmanship, gives birth to CUBO jewelry, worn and admired by individuals around the world, whose high standards in taste can be satisfied only with perfection.